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Yixing Teapots

Yixing Teapots

YiXing Teapots (pronounced ee-shing) first appeared during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) in the YiXing region of China, located in the Jiangsu province, about 120 miles northwest of Shanghai. The Jiangsu province is the world's only source for the unique clay from which YiXing teapots are made, called purple or red clay. YiXing teapots were relatively unknown for many years until the late Ming Dynasty (1600s) when their use and production began to flourish. Demand from Europe and throughout China fueled an active industry in which many artists developed their craft to high levels of mastery.

Please select a catagory from the left side of this page or from the menu below. In each section you will find an amazing selection of differant teapots, each one a peice of usable artwork.

Page 1 - Yixing Teapots 3 to 9 Ounce Click HERE
Bamboo Chair, Spring, Red Plum, Blue Plum, Brown Bird, Alhambra Blue, Guppy, Double Happiness, Acorn, Hedgehog, Pheasant in Red, and Double Happiness.

Page 2 - Yixing Teapots 10 to 12 Ounce Click HERE
Late Bloomer, Blue Peach, Medicine Gourd, Alladin, Horse, Red and Blue, Fish with Seal, Ying Yang, Millenium, and Cat Walk.

Page 3 - Yixing Teapots 13 to 64 Ounce Click HERE
Mushroom, Block, Puritan Series, Lucnet, Red Flower and Blue Flower.

Page 4 - Yixing Teapots Carved or Incised Artist Click HERE
Dragon and Phoenix, Five Dragons, Goarden Scene, Hollowed Cranes, Pair of Horses, Six Buffalo, 100 Disciples of Buddha, and Joyfull Magpie.

Page 5 - Yixing Teapots Tea Sets Click HERE
Red Blossoms, Phoenix Dragon, Red Ring, Pyramidal, Spring, Blue Glaze, Royal Blossom, Ivory Coast, and Frog on Lilly Pad.  
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